Project aim:

Raising the involvement of local NGOs in the fight against corruption, sustaining the rule of law, and protecting human rights.

Implementation period:

December 2007 – September 2008.

Project outcomes:

16 representatives of local NGOs trained in the field of public integrity and the mechanisms of whistle blowing, as well as in order to become trainers;
1000 posters and 3000 flyers
3000 employees from the public sector informed
80 leading public employees, 80 public employees for execution, 40 leaders of professional association, 40 union leaders , 40 representatives of the local press and 40 representatives of other local NGOs, from the 8 regional development areas trained in the field of public integrity and whistle blowing.
41 county councils and the general council of Bucharest and 42 prefectures assessed on the level and quality of the way the legislation regarding whistleblowers has been implemented.
600 copies of the monitoring report.
600 public administration authorities which benefit from the practices supported by the reports which were distributed.
1 press conference

Ti-Ro’s role in the project:

  • Raising the capacity of local NGOs to lead efficient advocacy and informing campaigns.
  • Promoting the role of the nongovernmental sector in raising the level of awareness and applying the laws regarding the protection of whistleblowers at the level of local public authorities and institutions – with the purpose of supporting the fight against corruption.

€ 39 950

PHARE 2005