Project aim:
To raise the involvement of the social partners and of the civil society in order to promote the lasting development, improvement of the labour market functioning, and reducing the disparities at the level of Bucharest-Ilfov Region. The project’s partners are the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Association for the Women Entrepreneurship. Moreover, it will be implemented within a three years timeframe

Project outcomes:

  • 1 functional Permanent Technical Secretariat of PRAO Bucharest-Ilfov;
  • 1 regional action plan approved by the members;
  • The elaboration of the Regional Pact for the Employment of the Labour Force and for Social Inclusion Bucharest-Ilfov (PRAO) 2009-2011;
  • 2 regional studies;
  • 2 workshops (100 participants);
  • 2 forums (100 participants);
  • 200 beneficiaries of the assistance services;
  • 30 courses (1500 participants);
  • 10 financed projects approved for the PRAO members;
  • 1 functional and updated website;
  • 20 organized events;
  • 1000 posters and 10000 flyers disseminated;
  • 50 new members of the Pact;
  • 2 ordinary and two extra-ordinary meetings of the Pacts.

TI-Ro’s role in the project:

  • Establishment and functioning of the Technical Secretariat for PRAO Bucharest-Ilfov by elaborating and approving the functioning rules, employing and training the personnel, and by consolidating and developing the Secretariat;
  • Developing the Working Plan for 2008-2013 for the implementation of PRAO and for the elaboration of PRAO 2009-2011;
  • Conducting, presenting, and organizing public debates on the theme of regional studies regarding the employment and the social inclusion;
  • Assistance activities in the benefit of the PRAO members for developing projects eligible for European financing that are relevant for the Pact’s goals;
  • Developing and updating the website of the Pact, as well as other public awareness campaigns for promoting its actions and for winning new members;
  • Periodical meetings with the other seven Regional Pacts and with MASOPHRD.

2010190 RON

European Social Fund, The Sectorial Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013