The study assesses the magistrates' perception of the level of professional independence, as well as on the causes and circumstances that could negatively or positively influence the independence of the judiciary. This research serves as a basis for adopting effective measures to strengthen independence and the responsibility of the magistrates and to eliminate the negative aspects of the Romanian justice system.


This study is in its second edition and can form the basis of information analysis in the dynamics of indicators for the years 2005 and 2006. The evolution of magistrates' perception on the judicial system is relevant as an element of validation or invalidation of the public policies addressed to them on the basis of the reform strategy of the judiciary.

The current edition contains the perception of magistrates on the judiciary one year after the adoption of Law no. 247/2005 and nearly 2 years after the adoption of the three-law package of justice.

The conclusions of the study show significant potential for analyzing the progress made between the two studies and will form the basis of analysis for the development of proposals to improve reform policies.

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