Project aim:

Reduce corruption through:

  • business practices aligned to international standards of quality management and internal control
  • transparent public acquisition procedure, observing the TI principles for bribe prevention

Project outcomes (corresponding to the activities where TI-Ro is directly involved):

  • 30 small and medium-sized businesses participated in the workshops
  • 20 small and medium-sized businesses committed to observing the TI principles for bribe prevention
  • 10 participative processes
  • 5 small and medium-sized businesses audited by independent experts
  • 2 Guides: a. Decision-making Transparency, a Business and Public Administration Guide, and b. Good Practices in Public Acquisitions

TI Romania’s role in the project:

TI-Romania implemented the project.


USD  46,538

Project donors:

Mission of Canada in Romania, through the Good Governance Assistance Program.