„A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce, or a tragedy, or perhaps both.”
James Madison

Transparency International Romania requires maximum transparency as well as due diligence in finding all the answers required by law and society in dealing with traffic of influence allegations, which seriously affects the credibility of the justice. This is the only one solution to rebuild the trust and credibility of judicial system in Romania.

According to the latest Global Corruption Barometer (2003 ed.), 62% of Romanians believe that big business interests are very important in corruption affairs, while 13% say that they know people who paid bribes in order to influence judicial decisions. Given this it is imperative this case, which has a major impact on the public system, to be solved in all its aspects in a way that provides grounds to find solutions that protect judiciary against the respective gaps and vulnerabilities.

The determination to proceed with the investigation (currently under prosecution) through all the phases, as well as observing the assumption that all citizens are equal before the law while handling the investigation (in order to confirm or reject the allegations), without bypass any person on whom allegations have been made, represents the only way to start a process of justice rehabilitation.

Full transparency and integrity of the judicial process are the key elements that Transparency International Romania requires from an independent justice and accountable to the law and public opinion.

Transparency International Romania

Data publicare: 20/06/2014