The European Commission's report on the state of fulfillment of MCV conditionality highlights a realistic perspective on the fight against corruption in Romania, while being a well-documented and reasoned report on Romania's conditionality indicators in relation to the European Union.

The recommendations of the European Commission have created the premises for a substantive change and impact of Romania's fight against corruption. However, an important contribution to the success of the fight against corruption and the increase of public integrity will also have the following points, if they will be kept as a priority on the agenda of the authorities:

Increase decisional transparency

Judicious and correct use of public resources

Establishment of respect for legality in the central and local public administration structures

The progress made highlighted once again the usefulness of this established mechanism and determined the authorities in Bucharest to take real measures to reform the judiciary and fight against corruption. In the perspective of increasing public integrity at EU level under the Stockholm Program, we believe that the success of this instrument can be a good argument for extending it to all 27 Member States.

TI-Romania is convinced that the Bucharest authorities will implement the recommendations of the report and other national and international organizations and will continue the fight against corruption in order to increase Romania's credibility in the European Union.

TI-Romania appreciates that the efforts of civil society and media organizations along with those of the relevant institutions have helped to raise awareness and empower policy makers to effectively promote the fight against corruption.

The Board of Directors of

Transparency International Romania (ART)

Data publicare: 21/02/2011