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Press release for the completion of the POS CCE Magurele HIGH TECH CLUSTER project​

 12.11.2015 Magurele, Ilfov County​

ELI-NP Innovative Cluster Association, headquartered in Magurele, Str. Atomists no.409 Ilfov County ran from 14.05.2014 to 14.11.2015 the HIGH TECH CLUSTER (MHTC) project based on the financing contract No. 1CLT 800.010 concluded with the Ministry of European Funds designated as the Managing Authority for the "Increasing Economic Competitiveness" Operational Program.

Total value of the project: 901 200 lei, of which the non-reimbursable financial assistance is 892 200 lei

General objective: Increase SME competitiveness by building a cluster and capitalizing on the opportunities offered by RDI activity on the Magurele City Physics Platform and, in particular, the huge potential generated by the European project ELI - NP, while respecting the sustainable development principles. The project was implemented in Magurele, Ilfov County.

Results: an increase in the number of members from 35 to 87 and the number of applications for membership is increasing, the evaluation through a benchmarking session of the cluster management team and the award of the bronze label for excellence, the submission of several projects on various programs financing, earning at the advice of the members' management team a total of 10 funding, attending courses and mentoring / coaching sessions to increase the cohesion of members.

Contact person: Iuliana Velniciuc, Responsible for communication and organization of events, phone: 0742.1-03 087, e mail: ivelniciuc @ fdcl eu"

Data publicare: 13/11/2015