The 29th edition of Integrity for Prosperity Summit took place on 21st of March 2019, in Alba Iulia.

Marian V. Popa (Deutsche Bank Global Technology Center Romania, CEO): It is important to set and maintain realistic and achievable goals, aiming for gradual, secure and stable progress. Regarding the Corruption Perception Index, Romania's goal must be to obtain a score of 50 points, a score that would place the country on the top regarding the states with a consolidated democracy.

Georgeta Filip (Transparency International Romania - Public Relations specialist): Transparency International Romania focuses on prevention and solutions to strengthen integrity and prevent corruption and remedy the vulnerabilities identified both in public institutions and in the business environment.

Mihon Simion Iosif PhD., Ec. (Head of the tax inspection service from National Agency for Fiscal Administration Alba, associate professor at the University of 1 December 1918, Alba Iulia): The more educated a country is, the more stable its communities are, encouraging respect for human rights, social justice and general prosperity. To be ethical means to behave impeccably both with oneself and with others, without waiting for a validation or a laudatio for this.

Tamas Szora Attila, PhD., associate professor (President of the Senate of the University of 1 December 1918, Alba Iulia): Romania needs officials, public servants and citizens that are honest and ethical. The education of such a character begins in the family and must be continued by the educational system.

Dorin Ioan Rață (President of the Association of Patients, Timișoara): Integrity in the Romanian medical system is a responsibility of all parties that intersect with this system.


Editia 30 - Summitul pentru Integritate si Prosperitate

Data publicare: 21/03/2019