Corruption affects competition, hinders companies' performance, and hampers the economic development of communities in which they operate, creating unjustified costs for both people and companies alike. For a healthy business environment, sustained efforts are needed both by the public and private sectors to prevent corruption in all its forms and to allow the development of profitable and stable businesses.From this goal, representatives of the local business environment, decision-makers from the local government and civil society representatives participated on Friday, November 25, 2016, at the edition of the Integrity for Prosperity Summit held in Brasov. Among the issues addressed were the role of integrity in the conduct of business relations and the role of the judiciary in preventing corruption in the business environment.

The regional conference is part of the project "Increasing the role of the judiciary in corruption prevention in the business environment", financed by the BILATERAL RELATIONS FUND.

We present some of the most important ideas outlined in the Integrity Summit for Prosperity. Conf. Univ. Dr. Sebastian Vaduva, Dean Griffiths School of Management Oradea

Speaking about current integrity and morality in business, Mr. Sebastian Vaduva said: "Is it possible without morality in business? Not! On short term, no, and in the long run sure no! "

Conf. Univ. Dr. Victor Alistar, Executive Director of Transparency International Romania

"Mahatma Gandhi said there are seven things that will destroy the world: wealth without work, pleasure without consciousness, knowledge without character, science without humanity, religion without sacrifice, politics without principles and business without ethics"

Marian V. Popa, Director of Deutsche Bank Global Technology Center Romania

"The exchange of a society lasts and we have to deal with it even if the change occurs long after we are not to be. [...] I do not advocate for moral integrity. I do advocacy from a material point of view. An estimate shows that Romania is stealing 10 billion euros per year! "

Prof. Dr. Vasile Oltean, Director of the "First Romanian School"

Presenting a short history of the school and printing house of Deacon Coresi, and presenting a small part of the archive of the museum, largely printed or obtained by the same Diacon, Priest Vasile Olteanu affirmed with humbling that "throughout Europe the first scholar is a great cultural personality. Only in Romania Coresi is an illustrious unknown. "

Data publicare: 28/11/2016