The fifth edition of the Integrity Summit for Prosperity was held on 23 November in Sibiu, where business, academia, civil society and the public sector were invited to discuss "Entrepreneurial Ethical and Ethical Development ". As with previous editions, alongside Transparency International Romania, the Griffiths Management Faculty and Rotary Club Sibiu have also been local partners. This time, we benefited from the help of the "Lucian Blaga" University Sibiu and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Sibiu.
The events of this type, through which we are pursuing the promotion of integrity as a key element of success in the development of the public sector and the business environment, will continue next year in other major cities in the country..

Marian Popa

president of Transparency International Romania

Marian Popa

Lack of integrity means primarily a lack of decent living standards. Through this series of meetings, we try to make a pragmatic coagulation between business, academia, NGOs and public administration to increase the level of integrity across society. (...) It is not enough to criticize. We have to be the change we want. We do not have to complain of mercy. Unfortunately, this is a feature we have, we complain, we blame others.

That is why I consider that pro-activity is very necessary. You have seen where we are from the point of view of world prosperity. It's not a disaster. There are many more countries behind us than before us, but that does not mean we do not have to go ahead. We have to respect each other, trust each other, and they think they are the basics to be true.

Sebastian Văduva

Dean of the Griffiths Faculty of Management, Emanuel University of Oradea

Andrew Wooding

Can you be rich and whole? The reality is that we live in a corrupt system. I recently finished a thesis at SNSPA about the history of corruption. We have inherited a system from our "Phanariot brothers" who explicitly leave vague legislation. Because if the law is interpretable, each of us can fall into that situation, we can be blackmailing.
We have a system that either corrupts you or makes you blackmailing. There is a third variant again: it makes you an emigrant. Which is the solution? The practical solution I have discovered is excellence. Be better than average. Be creative, think entrepreneurial, be innovative. To your students I recommend entrepreneurship, to open businesses where you can use the benefits that your generation has. (...) The question is not how big or small the corruption is. Our integrity is the most important.​

Iulia Coșpănaru

Deputy Director of Transparency International Romania

Mihai Talpos

Today I would like to talk about responsibility, all the more so since we see day by day what are the effects of the lack of conformity, the effects of corruption. We also see an active National Anti-Corruption Directorate and then we ask what we lack in order to prevent corruption. It is not enough to have a written procedure on paper, it is not enough to have laws that scare us. We need responsibility and it depends on each of us as an individual, but also on each company, by promoting policies and procedures of ethics and compliance. (...)
The social responsibility component makes the difference and belongs both to private companies and to the public sector.​

Eugen Iordănescu

Director of the Sibiu Chamber of Commerce


If you started to rebut the principles, there is the end, it's the end of the line. Principles must be upheld, you must assume them, and we must not expect everyone to do just like us. The great story of Communism and that we are pulling after us sounds like this: "Well, if I do what will change?" The world will not change, but your world will certainly change. It's like that story with the old man and the star star: "An old man walking on the seashore sees thousands of starved stars and starts throwing them back into the water. A young man sees him and laughs at him: "What do you do? What do you think a few stars you throw in the water when thousands are failed?" The old man replies, "For those in the water it matters."​

Data publicare: 23/11/2015