Transparency International today brings to Romanians a sad and disappointing image of a nation - impoverished by corruption. The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) ranks Romania in 75th place out of 183 analyzed countries, with a score of 3.6 points out of 10. With this score, Romania is again a tough one, ranking 25 among the 27 states of the Union Followed by Greece (3,4) and Bulgaria (3,3), countries where citizens' dissatisfaction degenerated into violence.

Unfortunately, the corruption situation in Romania, - permanently reported by the press, monitored by the European Commission and supported by citizens, has far exceeded the worrying level and has become alarming. In the absence of an immediate change of attitude on the part of political decision-makers, all other actors, however trying to be active, remain the witnesses and victims of the modern corruption scourge, through which democratically elected representatives can ruin a free and potentially prosperous nation

- Corruption manifestations are so profoundly imprinted in everyday life that the laws and anti-corruption mechanisms adopted and in place still have little impact. And the political will seems to be just one on paper now. Strategies are drafted, laws adopted, institutions set up, all to prevent, fight and sanction corruption. But as the latest corrupt perception index shows, the results are negative - the trend being the opposite instead of being positive. . Incompatibilities, conflicts of interest, trafficking in influence at the level of the legislature and the executive, politicization, nepotism, bribery at the level of public administration and control institutions, all of which must be eliminated. And the opportunity for similar situations to reappear should be prevented by making mature and courageous decisions by immediately adopting and implementing realistic and integrated public policies.

Romanians are disappointed with the authorities' lack of efficiency in protecting them from corruption, whether it is abuse of public resources, bribery or decision-making in secret, but also the lack of efficiency in discovering and sanctioning the existing corruption.

We believe that the combined effort of the governors and the Romanians can bear fruit in the fight against corruption. But it is imperative that we all become aware of the negative impact that corruption has on us and its scale, and react against personal and institutional corruption in all its forms, at all levels, in all public or private institutions.

Transparency International Romania asks the Government to quickly adopt the National Anti-Corruption Strategy and make every effort to ensure the functioning of the implementation and monitoring mechanisms. At the same time, we call on all parliamentary parties, and beyond, to show political maturity and to provide support in implementing the Strategy. We draw attention to the fact that a strategy paper of its nature and scope is not a political color, but a national commitment that must have continuity between the different mandates to achieve the desired impact. Also, adopting an anti-corruption strategy is not a laurel badge, but an act of normality for any Government.

Transparency International Romania also invites representatives of central and local public authorities and institutions to take their role seriously in the fight against corruption and to show consistency and veracity.

We also draw the attention of political leaders and politicians that the fight against corruption is not a matter of electoral propaganda, but a personal act, and we are therefore asking them to show wisdom and commitment when addressing this issue in future electoral platforms. In this respect, Transparency International Romania is expected to closely monitor, with its partners, the fulfillment of these commitments.

Representatives of business, employers' and trade union associations and non-governmental organizations are also responsible for promoting transparency among their structures and for multiplying corporate integrity models. We invite all of them to be active and where the anti-corruption national program will prove unachievable, use their self-regulatory capacity and set their own anti-corruption standards.

Last but not least, we appeal to Romanian citizens to refuse to be party to corruption and poverty, to refuse to pay any kind of facilitation, to oppose any form of bribery, nepotism, trafficking of influence or conflict of interests; and to take an attitude whenever they are faced with such situations.                                                                           

If December 1 is a good opportunity to talk about historical facts and heroes, today is a good opportunity to show courage! The decisive fight against generalized corruption must start today, on our National Day of Romania!


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Data publicare: 01/12/2011