Ahead of the elections for the European Parliament, Transparency International EU Office, along with Transparency International Romania and other Transparency International Chapters of EU member states, launched a joint initiative across Europe which addresses candidates to the European Parliament elections. The initiative consisted of inviting the candidates from EU member states to sign a pledge through which they would assume an anti-corruption commitment to be carried out throughout their potential mandates. The objective of the pledge is that the eventually elected candidates contribute to establishing the EU institutions as a model of transparency, accountability and integrity, promoting integrity and transparency in public expenditure and ensuring a solid protection of whistleblowers.

To this end, Transparency International Romania addressed both political parties and independent candidates from Romania the invitation to sign this pledge, along with the actual content of the pledge, drafted in Romanian language, in order to inform Romanian EU citizens. The invitation was communicated via email, post and, as applicable, telephone.

Hence, 62.5% of the candidates that, according to the average results of public opinion surveys, are expected to win seats in the European Parliament, have signed the pledge. The names of the signatories are available at the national online platform, www.titools.ro/europarlamentare, as well as at the international online platform dedicated to this initiative, anticorruptionpledge.eu, along with results made available by other Transparency International Chapters of EU member states.

Transparency International Romania hopes that the EU parliamentarians will demonstrate the same level of openness in applying the pledge throughout their mandates as they have already demonstrated when assuming it during the election campaigns. In this sense, throughout the elected officials’ mandates, Transparency International Romania and its EU colleagues will monitor the manner in which the elected have carried out their commitment.

Attached to this press release, you will find the pledge that the candidates were asked to sign, the list of candidates and political parties that assumed the commitment and the methodology of the initiative. For more information, please contact:

Iulia Coșpănaru 
Deputy Director Transparency International Romania
mail: office @ transparency.org.ro

Methodological notes 


Data publicare: 23/05/2014