Transparency International Romania acknowledges the high turnout for the referendum, which demonstrates that Romanian society fighting corruption remains a priority. An intransigent criminal policy regarding acts of corruption, as proven under the conditions of the rule of law and fair justice,  is a topic of interest for Romanian citizens. The fact that almost 7.811.355 voters cast their votes until 21:00, thus registering a voting participation higher then almost 42,74% proves that public authorities need to do more to prevent and fight the corruption existing in the relationship between the state and the citizens and between companies and tax authorities.

The most significant vulnerabilities that Transparency International Romania have identified in their studies are related to public local administration and the devolved services of central administration, to corruption in the tax liabilities of companies and to deficient functioning of justice. However, it should be mentioned that the high number of participants to the referendum is the result of several issues perceived as such by each of the citizens. Nevertheless it should be noted that the interest shown for the elections was higher exceeded the one for the Referendum, which entails an obligation to thoroughly analyse the causes and the solutions, while maintaining a professional, impartial and objective approach of the fight against corruption.

Data publicare: 26/05/2019