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What do we want?

The member organizations are starting today the campaign of the OPEN CODES Coalition, which proposes:

to protest against the abusive power of the Government manifested through the arbitrary and non-transparent way in which the Civil Code, the Civil Procedure Code, the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code were developed and promoted

to determine the Government and the Parliament to take the necessary steps to withdraw from the procedure of adopting these codes and to submit to the public debate the theses, the legal construction and the drafting of these fundamental normative acts

to encourage citizens to make their voice heard and to be a platform for a social reaction to reject the authoritarian and discretionary way of drafting and adopting legal rules that will affect their everyday lives for the next generations



The Civil Code, the Criminal Code, the Civil Procedure Code and the Criminal Procedure Code are fundamental normative acts for the Romanian society. These four codes complement the crucial provisions of the Constitution and regulate most of the relations that are established between the citizens of Romania or on the territory of our country, both in the public and in the private environment, and will define the civilization of our country for a long time here.

The Campaign "Stop Codes!" Is a reaction of civic and press organizations to the absence of a real and wide-ranging public debate prior to the approval of the codes by the Romanian Government. In the process of drafting these normative acts, the Government has not even complied with the minimum standard established in accordance with Law 52/2003 on decisional transparency. We would like to draw attention to the fact that the development of these normative acts is not a purely technical approach, but must reflect the fundamental priorities of society. These priorities can not be expressed and taken into account without genuine public debate.

The goal of the Stop Codes campaign is a constructive one: we do not propose to delay or block the legislative process, but to withdraw the draft four codes in Parliament and to organize by the initiator a wide public consultation to identify the company's requirements and then the debates on the text drafted in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 52/2003 on decisional transparency.


Who are we?

We are a civic initiative. Coalition OPEN CODES was initiated by non-governmental organizations with concerns in various spheres such as justice and home affairs, human rights, development of legal assistance and expertise, democracy, public participation, social communication, freedom of expression, administrative capacity building and public policy, media and communication, protection of children's rights, development and promotion of the non-governmental associative sector. The OPEN CODES Coalition benefits from the support of local non-governmental organizations, trade and trade union associations of journalists, the business community and international organizations.

The campaign is carried out through the self-financing of the activities by the members of the coalition, with own contributions consisting of activities carried out in the field of expertise of each of them.


What are we going to do?

we will create a communication and consultation platform on the campaign website: www.opriticodurile.ro

we will continue the lawsuits of the Government for unlawful procedural acts related to the promotion of codes

we will hold a series of press conferences to show how opacity in regulatory activity is born Chernobyl legislative

we will monitor parliamentary vote step by step, in commissions and plenary to show voters how uninominated voters take into account or how they vote for the norm and how they do not accept the principle of consultation

we will organize thematic working groups

we will launch punctual calls and open letters to which we will ask for an answer

we will launch a day-to-day theme on code quality in the "Wonder of Codes" section of the campaign site;

we will have advocacy actions at national and international level

we will organize a series of events in Bucharest and on the territory

we will prepare some "campaign surprises"


What are we waiting?

We expect these codes to be returned to the Government and to open a broad and real public consultation on Romania's future basic legislation, and governments to be aware of the importance of good practice in public consultation.

We expect justice to sanction the unlawful behavior of the Government, violation of citizens' rights to consultation provided as a minimum and mandatory standard by Law 52/2003.

We expect citizens to learn not to accept politicians' unenforceable legislative decisions and to strengthen their civic sense of rejection of this government's authoritarian behavior.

We expect real media support for this modernization of Romania, which is also a revolution of the relationship of society with state organizations and the political environment. We look forward to the support of as many parliamentarians and politicians as possible from all parties for this initiative, which focuses on grassroots relations between governors and governors

Coalition STOP CODES







Data publicare: 30/03/2009