Transparency International Romania considers that the National Anticorruption Strategy 2011-2014 is the fundamental programmatic document in establishing the general coordinators for fighting corruption and the inefficiency of public authorities in the face of this phenomenon in the coming period. The main purpose of the strategy is precisely to combat administrative and judicial inefficiency regarding the prevention and combating of corruption within public authorities. Preventing and combating corruption can only be achieved through a fair assessment of the state of affairs in public institutions and the elimination of corruption-inducing institutional factors / elements.

In this context, we appreciate the efforts of the Ministry of Justice to develop this programmatic document from consultations with stakeholders. Consistent with its mission and the good cooperation relations that characterized the relationship with the ministry, TI-Romania supports the completion of this approach reiterating some of the measures already set out in the preliminary consultations and formulates a set of recommendations designed to meet the major goal of this strategy, beach of actors potentially involved or vulnerable to corruption.

Data publicare: 28/09/2011