09th December 2018


Press release

Anticorruption International Day is a good occasion to remind us that Romania has signed and ratified the United Nations Convention against Corruption by law, thus committing itself to promoting the integrity, accountability and good governance of public affairs and public goods.

An important chapter of the Convention is the one on preventive measures that the signatory states are committed to put into practice. These include "effective and coordinated corruption prevention policies that favor the participation of society and reflect the principles of the rule of law, good management of political issues and public goods, integrity, transparency and accountability."

Over the past 15 years, important steps have been taken, such as the establishment and operationalization of institutions with a role in preventing and combating corruption, improving legislation on decision-making transparency, involvement of civil society.

The Corruption Perceptions Index, which measures corruption in the public sector, as perceived by the business community and independent experts, confirms this fact. If in 2003 Romania recorded 2.8 points out of 10, where 10 meant "the least corrupt", Romania's score in 2018 is 4.8 points out of 10. But progress has not been steady, our country is still ranked 25th at the level of the European Union in the ranking made by Transparency International.

Transparency International Romania believes that there is a need for constant involvement of all representatives of society, from the political class, public institutions, the private sector and citizens, each with its role and responsibility in the fight against corruption.

Through its ongoing work and partnerships, Transparency International Romania focuses on prevention and comes with solutions to strengthen integrity, prevent corruption, and address identified vulnerabilities both within public institutions and business environment.

Transparency International Romania has over 18 years of activity in the non-governmental sector, during which it also contributed to the establishment / consolidation of public institutions such as the National Integrity Agency, the National Anticorruption Directorate, has developed public policies and standards of ethics and integrity in the public sector and business environment. We are consistent with the principles that guide us in our work: integrity, impartiality, responsibility, professionalism.


Data publicare: 09/12/2018