July 4th 2019



BICA – collective action for promoting business integrity


Transparency International Romania implements Business Integrity Country Agenda (BICA) for Romania, a project coordinated by Transparency International - Secretary and financed by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The project set up the necessary framework for key stakeholders in business, public sector and civil society to work together in order to develop a reform agenda aimed to reduce corruption in commercial practices and implicitly promoting integrity in the Romanian business environment.

Within the BICA project, the following steps will be taken:

  • To identify major gaps in the countries’ business integrity environment;

  • To broadly frame and analyse the issue of business integrity from the perspective Romania;

  • To assess how the business sector, the public sector and civil society share responsibility for countering corruption in the two countries;

  • To build trust among key stakeholders to work together for reform and to create a momentum for joint action;

  • To engage relevant stakeholders in a collective action initiative on business integrity;

  • To develop a reform agenda that is agreed and implemented by key stakeholders;

First work meeting of National Advisory Group

A key element is represented by National Advisory Group (NAG), comprising stakeholders from civil society, business and public authorities. During the first meeting of the NAG were set up the key elements for the research that provides the starting point of the operational reform agenda.

The aim of the National Advisory Group

  • Provide rich sources of information and diverse expert views on business integrity;

  • Advise on research methodology, content and outreach;

  • Offer feedback on the findings from the application of the research methodology;

  • Identify strategic recommendations;

  • Discuss ways to transform strategic recommendations into an operational reform agenda;

  • Contribute to promoting the BICA findings and the recommendations of the research report.

The project has two phases

Phase 1: Establish the overall framework and develop the assessment report that will provide the relevant information from the thematic areas with a major impact on the business integrity, as well as key recommendations, in order to improve the situations at the national level.

Phase 2: Developing and promoting a reform agenda, meaning that the recommendations from Phase 1 will be translated into operational reform to be applied in the medium and long term by stakeholders willing to promote business integrity in Romania.

BICA project is implemented in Romania and Serbia, under the coordination of Transparency International-Secretary. For Romania, the implementation is ensured by Transparency International Romania, between January 2019 – March 2021.

The project is financed by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Through this type of technical cooperation, the financier aimed at building the capacity of civil society on promoting business integrity in the region.

For more informations please contact Georgeta Filip, communications and advocacy coordinator, Transparency International Romania, e-mail: georgeta.filip@transparency.org.ro

Data publicare: 04/07/2019