BICA Project - debates with business sector and civil society

This week, the TI-Romania team discussed with the business sector and NGOs representatives about business integrity and their priorities for the next years.

The debates were based on the Business Integrity Country Agenda (BICA) research report, launched in October this year.

The main topics debated were:

  1. Integrity certification for companies - Increased transparency can be rewarded by being acknowledged in a public whitelist.
  2. National Compliance Register – a solution for simplifying the interaction between the business sector and the public administration.
  3. The transposition of the European Whistleblowing Directive at the national level.

Among the organizations invited to the online debates were: the Foreign Investors Council, DB Global Technology, the Institute for Public Policy, the Syene Center for Education, the Romanian Academic Society.

The Business Integrity Country Agenda (BICA) research report analyses the way in which the legislative and the societal fields influence the business sector in Romania, also - it analyses how companies contribute to build and maintain an integrity business environment.

BICA analyses:

  • the environment set by the public sector for companies to do business in;
  • the public sector’s interactions with the business sector;
  • private sector transparency and self-regulation;
  • collective and sectorial initiatives already existing at the level of the stakeholders in the public and private sectors as well as civil society.

The Business Integrity Country Agenda (BICA) project is implemented simultaneous in Romania and Serbia, under the coordination of Transparency International-Secretariat, based in Berlin. In Romania, the project is implemented by Transparency International Romania, during January 2019 and May 2021.

The project is financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Through this type of technical cooperation, the financier aims to strengthen the capacity of civil society to promote business integrity at the regional level.


Data publicare: 18/12/2020