The field of public procurements is one of the most lacking in transparency within the Bucharest City Hall, according to European Capital Cities´ Transparency, project developed by Transparency International Slovakia. Other areas where the PMB has lacks in terms of transparency of information of public interest are those regarding: the votes of municipal councillors, the salaries received by the mayor and councillors, the mayor's agenda and the lobby register.

European Capital Cities´ Transparency is a pilot project implemented by TI Slovakia which analyses how municipalities in 26 European capitals respect citizens' right to access information of public interest. Specifically, were analysed the types of information that the respective city halls make available to the citizens on how the taxpayers' money is spent, the activities carried out by the mayors and councillors, including the way in which they vote on different decisions.

One of the areas analysed is public procurement, more precisely if the data on public procurements made by municipalities in 2018 are available on the site, meaning at least a centralization with the name of the procurement, the name of the winning company, price and date of assignment. Bucharest City Hall does not post such information on the official website. For comparison, 19 of the 26 monitored town halls have this type of information available on the site or redirect site’ visitors to an external platform where that information is available.

The research includes a set of 14 indicators, 12 being based on data found online, on the official websites of the analysed town halls. The other two indicators consist in verifying ow the mayor's office responds to papers received from citizens requesting information of public interest.

The results obtained from the research are centralized as follows:

  • red - low level of institutional transparency (obtaining a score less than 50%);

  • orange - medium level of institutional transparency (score between 50% and 75%)

  • green - high level of institutional transparency (more than 75%).

In the general ranking, the Bucharest City Hall obtains a score of 50% in terms of institutional transparency in relation to citizens.

More information can be found in the full report: European Capital Cities´ Transparency.


Data publicare: 27/08/2019