Within the project “Towards a successful public administration”, SIPOCA Code: 477 / SMIS2014+ code: 119841, four collaborative workshops with 60 officials from the local institution took place on January 30-31, 2019, at the Sibiu County Council Sibiu.

On behalf of Taransparency International Romania, project partner, participated Gabriel Lupu (quality management consultant), Alexandru Zodieru (administration policies consultant) and Marius Mihai (digital technology consultant).

The topics addressed in the workshops were the benefits of CAF implementation in public institutions, by presenting the researched good practices on CAF implementation in similar public institutions in other EU Member States. The practical part of the meetings consisted in fill a self-assessment questionnaire on institutional activity; the presentation of a hypothetical model of collaborative work system, applicable within the Sibiu County Council and the debate of the CAF indicators suitable to be implemented in the Sibiu County Council.

Also, the Quality Management System implemented at the level of Sibiu County Council was presented by Bogdan Văcaru, responsible for SMC implementation at the institutional level.

Each workshop was concluded with a session of questions and discussions, following which the constructive ideas were concluded on which the whole process of implementing the CAF and ISO 9001 instruments in the host institution will be based.



Data publicare: 01/02/2019