Today, December 9, Romania, Transparency International and the entire international community celebrate the International Anti-Corruption Day. Romania celebrates this day since 2004, when through Law no. 365 ratified the United Nations Convention Against Corruption on September 15.


Corruption undermines democracy, creates instability within governments, impels countries to regress economically, and can ruin a country and its citizens. It occurs in various forms, such as bribery, violation of the law without bearing the consequences in a fair manner, unfair modification of electoral processes and results, and the masking of mistakes or the silencing of whistleblowers - people who have the courage to signal cases of corruption, in the hope that justice will be done. Romania is on the verge of an electoral year, and the problem of electoral corruption remains an acute one. The risk of corruption is real, and the public agenda is focused on this issue.


"In this context, Transparency International Romania conducted an analysis of the main vulnerabilities in electoral corruption and proposes a set of public policy measures to counteract this phenomenon, the implementation of which takes into account all three temporal dimensions: short, medium and long term at the same time, Transparency International Romania is launching to all political parties a call for voluntary compliance with the transparency measures included in the public policy document and electoral conduct without corruption in 2012.


Transparency International Romania also invites Romanian citizens to refuse to be party to corruption and election bribery. The right to vote belongs to all citizens of this country, regardless of social category, income, sex or ethnicity. Today, absenteeism encourages electoral fraud with an extremely negative impact on the final results. The vote does not have to cost us but we should not even be paid to express it: Vote - 0 lei piece.


This is the plea of ​​one of the young citizens of Romania, Alexandra Bogdan, whom Transparency International Romania declares as the winner of the contest "Be cool and gives ideas, not lei!" Launched on October 12th. Let's all follow the example!


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Data publicare: 09/12/2011