Transparency International Romania invites all candidates registered for the position of President of Romania to sign the Integrity Commitment, an act of honor by which each of them assumes to treat responsibly the position for which they are running, and during the term as president to represent the state Romanian and the interests of its citizens with dignity and patriotism.

The principles of the Integrity Commitment are: accountability, integrity, transparency and dignity.

The President of Romania can be a promoter of these values, through the way he chooses to fulfill his mandate, to represent his country and his citizens, both nationally and internationally.

By signing this commitment, each candidate assumes the following:

  • to promote honest behaviour and to encourage constructive debates on issues relevant to citizens;

  • to be a mediator between the powers of the state, as well as between the state and society, whenever necessary, treating each situation with honesty and responsibility;

  • to represent the Romanian state and the interests of its citizens with dignity, both nationally and internationally.

The signed commitments will be published on Transparency International Romania’ website:

Subsequently, during the mandate, our organization will monitor the way in which the President of Romania will fulfill his commitment.

For more information please contact Georgeta Filip, public relations specialist of Transparency International Romania, phone: 0722598014; e-mail:




Data publicare: 06/11/2019