27 years after the 1989 Revolution, Romania is preparing for the seventh edition of democratic parliamentary elections. In this context, Transparency International Romania invites both voters and elected to a retrospective of national values and ideals and calls for the electoral process of December 11, 2016 to be fully accountable for its impact on Romania's sustainable development.

Pluripartism is the expression of a nation's diversity and demonstrates the health of a democratic state, and parliamentary pluripartism provides representation in the legislative for all political doctrines.

Under these circumstances, we appeal to the candidates who will become Members of Parliament following the elections of 11 December 2016 and will define the parliamentary majority that will designate the new Cabinet, regardless of its political color, to assume a governmental program Provide the Romanian society with an efficient legislative and institutional infrastructure that provides the framework for the performance of economic activities under conditions of performance and protection of the public interest and citizens' rights.

Transparency International Romania invites the future Government to include in the governance program an objective of building an organizational and social culture based on integrity, as a fundamental objective for improving governance and public accountability. Strengthening public integrity is a shared responsibility of governors and to those governed, where integrity is:

  • Transparency materialized in properly informing public opinion and stakeholders about what they are going to do.
  • Consistency, predictability, and veracity of doing what he has assumed to do.
  • Legal and social responsibility that take responsibility for its decisions and actions and their consequences.


The fight against corruption and strengthening public integrity is a key element in ensuring Romania's competitiveness and sustainable social development in the country.

We appreciate that in the global economic and security context it is absolutely necessary for the Romanian society to define its priorities resulting from the social contract and to strengthen its competitiveness capacity. Public and business integrity and the social actors' satisfaction with the current system of organization and decision-making are key to the joint responsiveness of society, the economy and the state to the challenges of the day.

The call launched today, December 9, 2016, on the International Day of Fight Against Corruption is an appeal to conscience, accountability and pro-active attitude of those who share democratic values and the rule of law, and who desire an honest Romania without corruption !

Data publicare: 09/12/2016