Transparency International Romania (TI-Romania), consistent with its mission of promoting the national integrity and anti-corruption system, has developed over the years a series of good practice promotion programs. Among the numerous public policies promoted by TI-Romania are the founding of the National Integrity Agency, materialized by the introduction of the Law no.144 / 2007 and the protection of the whistleblowers, materialized by the advent of Law no. 571/2004.

In February 2009, we addressed the National Integrity Council presenting data and violations of the law that integrity alerts have brought to our organization's ALAC program. Thus, on 26 February 2009, TI-Romania requested the CNI Plenum to set up a commission according to the provisions of art. 25 of the Law no. 144/2007 to verify the existence of a possible incompatibility with the President of the National Integrity Agency and to take the necessary measures to this effect. At that time, the Council established the launching of investigation procedures for the President of the National Integrity Agency and the Secretary General of the institution, setting up a special inquiry commission of five members. This request was based on evidential documents submitted to the Council by a former ANI employee who was dismissed as a result of irregularities in the ANI president's activity, thus constituting a whistleblower.

We inform you that by failing to comply with the provisions of Law 571/2004, the leadership of the National Integrity Agency has taken retaliatory measures and has decided to dismiss those who have made the relevant integrity warnings, even though these persons were under the protection of the law. Only one process of those declared by the whistleblowers has been finalized, and in this case the courts have canceled retaliatory measures.

Against the facts presented and knowing the institutional role of the National Integrity Council, we ask you to communicate to us publicly the following:

What happened to the investigation started by CNI more than 5 months ago and what are the results of this?

What is the CNI's position on integrity whistleblower policies promoted by the National Integrity Agency

If CNI assumes the consequences of postponing any response to the issues raised and assuming the risks to which the institution is currently being engaged in a media campaign to cover the grave accusations brought to it, a campaign that hijacks it to its real role and its ability to achieve real and legally valid results

We ask you to discuss and publicly communicate your response to this open letter in your neighborhood.



Executive Director

Transparency International Romania

Data publicare: 27/07/2009