9th of December 2020


Press Release

Solutions to strengthen integrity, transparency and accountability in public administration and the business environment

On the International Anticorruption Day, Transparency International Romania calls on the new Parliament and the future Government to include, among the short and medium terms priorities, measures to strengthen integrity, transparency and accountability in public administration and business.

December 9 is a good occasion to remember that since 2004 Romania has ratified by law the United Nations Convention against Corruption, thus committing itself to apply "effective and coordinated corruption prevention policies that favor the participation of society and that reflect the fundamentals of the rule of law, good management of political issues and public goods, integrity, transparency and accountability”.

Consistent with the principles and the role of think tank assumed at national level, Transparency International Romania brings to the public attention measures that can significantly contribute to fulfilling Romania's commitments and implicitly to consolidating integrity, transparency and accountability in the public and private sectors:

  • Promoting the Integrity Pacts in public procurement processes, as independent mechanisms for real-time monitoring of major public procurement projects and more.
  • Development of the National Compliance Register, a mechanism developed and promoted by our organization, which will improve administrative transparency and help reducing vulnerabilities to corruption in public administration.
  • Restoring confidence in the business environment through a reform agenda that promotes standards of integrity in the business environment. Such a project, in which representatives of the business sector, the public sector and non-governmental organizations work together to promote a clean business environment, must become a national priority.


  • Transposition into national law at high standards of compliance of the EU Directive on whistleblowing.
  • Implementation of the e-system for the electronic submission of assets and interest declarations.
  • Provide support to institutions with anti-corruption role, in order to increase their operational capacity and effectiveness, including by preserving and improving the regulatory framework.

In the over 20 years of activity, Transparency International Romania has contributed to the establishment / consolidation of public institutions such as ANI, DGA, DNA; has developed over 40 public policies, including one on the protection of whistleblowers. At the same time, it developed and implemented standards of ethics and integrity for the public sector and the business environment. We are consistent with the principles that guide us in our activity: integrity, impartiality, accountability, professionalism.

For additional information, please contact: Georgeta Filip, Transparency International Romania public relations specialist, e-mail: georgeta.filip@transparency.org.ro

  Press release
Data publicare: 09/12/2020